Lots of traders have leapfrogged off their own success within the Lower Marsh Market to advance onto subsequent successfully Markets.

Lower Marsh Market wants to act as an incubator for all of the current traders an any potential traders that want to become part of the market. Because their success is our success. We want to support traders and we linking them with the business programs headed of by WeAreWaterloo in order to provide our traders with the opportunity to growth. Some traders are not with us anymore, however, they become part of this family on its time and now they have progress and continue growing

Pabellon/Dogger - British Street Food Awards

Pabellon won the British Food awards and now they headed up to Sweden to represent UK in the European Street food awards.

Voodoo Chicken - Glastonbury

Voodoo Chicken is currently trading at Lower Marsh and just come back for their festival season. This year thy successfully participated at Glastonbury this summer

Bobtail Fruit

Started in the Market back in the day and now have distribution company